The Murph Challenge Day 8: Rhiannon (Anderson) Bauer

Day 8 of 31 is dedicated to Rhiannon (Anderson) Bauer. Rhiannon was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in May of 2019. She underwent 12 rounds of chemo and things were looking up. So much so she was given a break off of chemo.

After undergoing some procedures to shrink the tumors her cancer started to become resistant to chemo. She continued to fight for her life to be there for her young daughters to the very end. In October 2020 she passed away. Rhiannon wouldn’t want this to be how she was remembered.

What makes her incredible was her fight. She fought with grace to accept whatever God had planned for her. She had the bravery to endure any treatment that may give her more time with her family. Through the awful, ugly journey that is cancer, she never complained once. Never questioned her faith or her purpose.

Rhiannon would want to be remembered for this: To tell the world life is worth fighting for. To thank God for every single day you get to spend with your family and friends. To accept life’s challenges with courage and dig deep for every minute, hour, and day spent here. To live your life knowing that when God calls you home you have nothing to fear.

Every Day We Fight is honored to dedicate this day to an unforgettable person: Rhiannon (Anderson) Bauer

Special thanks to Therese for nominating Rhiannon and sharing her inspiring story.

Day 8 of 31 Murph Time: 31:21

Therese’s brother and Every Day We Fight board member Derek joined me for the Murph Challenge today. Great effort too: 38:31

When I did the Murph Challenge for the first time I became hooked. Not because it was fun but because it was painful, challenging, and meaningful.

These 31 challenges are a dedication to a fighter, a warrior, a person battling that’s an everyday hero.

– Tate Wheeler

“The Murph Challenge is more than just a workout. It is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and allows us the opportunity to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor, LT. Michael P. Murphy, a man who sacrificed everything he had for our freedom.”

-Murph Website

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