Our Mission

We believe in surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you to be your best self. When fighting a life changing battle we need these kinds of people more than ever. Whatever you’re facing, Every Day We Fight is in your corner.

Every Day We Fight was formed to connect those fighting battles (physical and/or mental) to a health and wellness community.

To a team of trainers, therapists, fitness communities, and coaches ready to fight back with them.
Ready to empower and speak life and belief in them.
A community ready to listen and walk along side them.

What about all the people who are fighting battles and suffering alone during these times of uncertainty because they were told to isolate and separate from their community?

They are being forced to fight alone.

Any time I’ve overcome a challenge in life it was always because I had a team, community, or coach behind me. Most of the time it was all three.
Tate Wheeler

When you are going through a battle there are going to be days you need someone to fight with you and for you.

Every Day We Fight has made a promise to be the first one to remind you that you worth fighting for and you are never fighting alone.
If you know someone or are someone that we can assist please send us a message.
There is no victory without a battle.
Let’s go win the battle together!
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