The Murph Challenge Day 6: Adam MacDonald

Day 6 of 31 is dedicated to Adam MacDonald. Adam was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2018 and underwent 35 radiation treatments and 3 rounds of chemotherapy. They believed that the cancer was gone and the treatment was successful and Adam returned to work in October of 2018.

On March 4th of 2021, Adam was hospitalized overnight due to shortness of breath and extreme back pain. After a CT scan, it was determined that the cancer had never left and instead was in his bloodstream and began forming in the pleural lining around his right lung. This caused massive fluid build up in his chest cavity leading to the shortness of breath, coughing and back pain.

Adam has served on the Lakeville PD for over 20 years as a detective, narcotics officer, training officer, senior member of the crime scene unit and lead crisis negotiator for the SWAT team. He has received countless awards and is extremely valued by his coworkers.

From one of his fellow officers: “Officer MacDonald puts his heart into each call for service and treats every individual as the most important person he has ever met.”

Adam is 46 years old and although I have not met him personally I’ve known his 3 kids for years. They are kind, respectful, genuine, and caring. It leaves no doubt in my mind about the character he possesses.

Every Day We Fight is honored to dedicate today’s Murph Challenge to Adam MacDonald. We are ready to fight for you and alongside you. Your heart to serve and determination to win this battle is inspiring.

Day 6 of 31 Murph Time: 31:21

When I did the Murph Challenge for the first time I became hooked. Not because it was fun but because it was painful, challenging, and meaningful.

These 31 challenges are a dedication to a fighter, a warrior, a person battling that’s an everyday hero.

– Tate Wheeler

“The Murph Challenge is more than just a workout. It is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and allows us the opportunity to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor, LT. Michael P. Murphy, a man who sacrificed everything he had for our freedom.”

-Murph Website

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