The 2022 Murph Challenge Day 8: Dave Beck

Toughness and perseverance are just a couple words that come to mind when thinking about today’s dedication.

Friend and nominator, Derek, says this about todays nominee, “Dave’s an animal. He pushes through adversity with a smile on his face and always has a positive attitude.”

It started back 2006 when Dave was diagnosed with Oral cancer. He had a tumor removed from his tongue while also removing his lymph nodes. After a long recovery, he joined the gym and started on working himself back to life.

Life hit Dave harder in 2018. He was told that his job was being eliminated. The very next morning his doctor told him he had cancer. Specifically, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In less than one day, he lost his forever job and health. Treatment consisted of an intense chemo schedule in which he wore a backpack 24/7 that pumped chemo into him every 15 seconds. He would wear that pack for a week and then have two weeks off for seven months before beating cancer a second time.

In 2020, a scan revealed that his cancer had returned, but had moved into his neck. This time treatment was 30 days of radiation and continued chemo. Eventually, getting through it to come out on top again.

Now fast forward to January of this year when Dave ruptured his Achilles tendon. Soon after surgery his wife Susan asked, “if he had enough and finally learned his lesson”. In which Dave responded immediately with a “NO” explaining that he’s 60 years old and 3-0 against cancer and going to the gym and running are big reasons for that. “It also feels that when I stop doing those things cancer will catch me,” says Dave.

No matter the obstacle he has been able to maintain a positive attitude through it all. “I have been blessed with the challenge to still be here and I accept that every day. I don’t ever want people to say I died from cancer. I want them to say, did you see all of the things he did in his life while living with cancer! I’m going get back in the gym, I’m going get back on the track, and I’m going to get back to hiking the Rocky Mountains. I’m blessed to be here, and owe it to myself and the people who are not, to make the most of my life, and I am!!”

Every Day We Fight is honored to dedicate Day 8 of 32 to one tough dude that refuses to back down from a battle. Dave Beck, one helluva Fighter! Team Murph: 25:59

When I did the Murph Challenge for the first time I became hooked. Not because it was fun but because it was painful, challenging, and meaningful.

These 31 challenges are a dedication to a fighter, a warrior, a person battling that’s an everyday hero.

– Tate Wheeler

“The Murph Challenge is more than just a workout. It is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and allows us the opportunity to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor, LT. Michael P. Murphy, a man who sacrificed everything he had for our freedom.”

-Murph Website

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